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Address 1215 Tamayucho-Tamatsukuri, Matsue-shi
Phone 0852-62-0611
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FROM Izumo Airport By bus to Himegami Hiroba Bus Stop (30minutes) (
From JR San-In Line Tamatsukuri-Onsen Station: 6 mins by car. From San-In Expressway Matsue-Tamatsukuri IC: 10 mins (JAPANICAN)
6 minutes by taxi from JR Tamatsukuri-onsen station.10 minutes by car from Matsue-Tamatsukuri IC, Sanin Expressway. (Japan Traveler Online)
Tamatsukuri Onsen is a famous hot spring known as the Hot Spring of the Gods. It provides much moisture and firmness to skin and an anti-aging effect. (
A ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) located at the center of Tamatsukuri Onsen hot spring resort. You can relax in an open-air bath, full of feeling of journey and nostalgia. (JAPANICAN)
Tamatsukuri onsen is the gatway for sightseeing to Izumo and Sanin district. Hotel is located by the banks of the river Tamatsukuri and there is a large parking lot in front. All the staffs welcome al... (Japan Traveler Online)
Hot springs Shuttle service Airport limousine bus Private Bath Internet

Hot springsHot springs Shuttle serviceShuttle service Airport limousine busAirport limousine bus Private BathPrivate Bath InternetInternet