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Address 1741 Yuwatano, Ito-shi, Shizuoka
Phone 0557-53-1170
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For Tomei Expressway Atsugi IC 60km 90 From Izukyu Izu-Kogen Station is five minutes by car (TOBU TOP TOURS)
FROM Tokaido Line Tokyo Station,By limited express train to Izu Kyuko Line Izukogen Station (120minutes) (
From Izu Kyuko Railway Izu-Kogen Station: 5 mins by car / pick-up bus. From Seisho Bypass Ishibashi IC: 70 mins (JAPANICAN)
5 minutes by taxi from Izu Kyuko Railway Izu-kogen Station.90 minutes by car from Tomei Atsugi IC. (Japan Traveler Online)
The first ABBA RESORT in Japan, “ABBA RESORTS Zagyosoh”. Zagyosoh has been loved and cherish by countless guests as the representative resort of Izu and Japan. It is an irreplaceable treasure in which... (Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association)
One hotel of Japanese style nestling in Jogasakikaigan. Four open-air baths that overlook nature volost and the sea. Full-scale banquet dishes which I made use of seasonal food in is popular. (TOBU TOP TOURS)
Enjoy spacious garden (about a baseball-field-size: 13,000 sq m) and kaiseki cuisine menu renewed each month. Six hot spring baths are another attraction. (
Our beach inn is on a beach connected to the Jogasaki Coast. Amongst the large peach trees, our hotel has 4 open-air baths and offers the traditional, elegant Japanese kaiseki dishes) to enjoy. (JAPANICAN)
Zagyosoh is a Japanese style ryokan situated at the Jougasaki coast. This ryokan's natural garden, which was created from diverse lava formations, contains 2 open-air hot spring baths. In addition, th... (Japan Traveler Online)
A traditional Japanese-style inn within the Izu National Park. There are six public baths: the two are indoor public baths of Japanese cypress wood and granite, the other two are outdoor baths in the... (NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY)
Zagyosoh is the adult resort with elegant & traditional atmosphere, in the midst of warm weather & nature. Enjoy the seasonal taste in the large Japanese-style garden. (THE RYOKAN)
Hot springs Shuttle service Airport limousine bus Private Bath Internet

Hot springsHot springs Shuttle serviceShuttle service Airport limousine busAirport limousine bus Private BathPrivate Bath InternetInternet

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